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About us

Where science meets Beauty

Company Strategy


To be the most recognized business partner for international healthcare companies in the region with focus on bringing the most effective and innovative aesthetic solutions and working with world famous brands of aesthetic cosmetology .
we are dedicated to safety, quality and efficiency , our products are awarded and recognized for the highest quality to serve beauty with the highest scientific standards.


Commitment to excellence:
We aim high and always demand the best from ourselves. Our management processes and people are aligned towards meeting our partners and customer needs. We are dedicated to service excellence for long term partnerships with satisfied customers.
We believe that only if we think beyond standards, we can make a difference. Before each business step, we think of innovative ways in order to offer real value to the medical community.
Professional ethics, fairness, honesty and transparency are as important values to us as business success itself. At the end of each day we are proud not only of the goals achieved but also proud of the way these goals are reached.

Facial Treatment


Where science meets Beauty

Company Strategy


To provide world-class representation and develop new partnerships with global manufacturers seeking to penetrate new markets with a sole focus on medical distribution services via unparalleled relationships and distribution channels throughout the Middle-East, Creating a sustainable growth and profitable brand presence in the region.
Revive Aesthetics constantly looks forward to new partnerships in the medical and aesthetic eld with companies and manufacturers who share the same philosophy and passion for creating and providing innovative products.

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