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Business concept

Where science meets Beauty


Our highly-qualified medical sales team, all of whom have professional medical or
aesthetic backgrounds, undergo extensive training to ensure a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of the product. They cover all the different sales channels for the product, including direct specialist detailing, pharmacy sales, and direct to consumer sales.

MARKETING : REVIVE has a dedicated marketing team that develops and implements a comprehensive marketing strategy for our brands. They work to set and achieve goals through a detailed and innovative marketing plan that focuses on building brand awareness and demand.
Distribution : We work with a wide network of retailers and distributors, leveraging our long standing relationships with them to bring products to the appropriate target market. We have open accounts with all private and government outlets, individual clinics, pharmacy chains, and individual pharmacies ensuring brand visibility and presence across the various supply chain channels.
Regulatory : Our regulatory team handles all stages of the regulatory requirements around bringing partner brands to the market we handle all initial registration with the relevant government authorities in the region.



Where science meets Beauty


Our Promise:

product offering : we made partnership to renowned companies worldwide, to provide aesthetic, wound care products and diagnostic equipment to the customers.
Product Knowledge: we have team equipped with advanced
product knowledge and technical support, which is further polished by the healthy environment prov
ided by company.
Quality: we believe in quality and we maintain it , well via controlled storage areas and cold chain supply.

service and support: we offer prompt and Intime support services, optimizing the up-time and efficacy of our clients .

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